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Jackie Christie Wiki: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Jackie ChristieWe are now in the third season of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. After watching the premiere episode in 2011 I was sure that might be the last season of the series. Three years later the show continues and Jackie Christie, the most hated cast member, is still around and earning big bucks. Although ratings declined in season 2 VH1 cut a few cast members to allow Draya Michele and Jackie Christie to return with a pay raise. It was reported Jackie and Draya’s salary is over $100,000 this season. But Jackie is doing so much more than airing her dirty laundry on tv. She’s come along ways in her career from being just an NBA player’s wife. Today she is running multiple businesses, even though most of them have failed, Jackie is still pushing forward with something new every minute. Talk about chasing money!

  1. Jackie was the third person cast on the series.
  2. The craziest groupie moment during her husband’s NBA career happened during the height of his career. She and her husband were checking into a hotel and someone had already checked in as Jackie Christie.  The woman was allegedly planning on meeting Doug Christie by herself hoping she would be sexually persuasive enough to get him to have s-e-x with her. Jackie walked with Hotel security to the room to see if the woman was there. Surprisingly she was standing outside the room door trying to enter with the key but it wasn’t working since it had gotten wet in the lady’s purse.  Jackie claims she didn’t get physical while security was there.
  3. tanya basketball wives la Despite her altercations with cast member Tanya from season 1, she still keeps in touch with her. Does anyone remember Tanya? She was the annoying muscular one with the red and blonde braids, ewww! Yeah it was her.  Jackie says she and Tanya were friends before and met each other in NY but their relationship escalated around the cameras and the other women.

  4. Her daughter Chantal dated Draya’s current boyfriend Orlando Scandrick. It is one of the  most talked about moments on the show when Jackie explains the situation to Draya. It escalates into a brawl that is sooooooo petty. But today Draya is still with Orlando and Jackie claims she is still good friends with her.
  5. Draya gave Jackie her first sex toy. It happened during filming on season 1 Draya gave Jackie a sex toy for her and Doug to use and she claims the toy has gotten major action from her. YIKES!! TMI