Draya Michele’s Ex Boyfriends

Draya Michele’s Dating History : A List of Her Most Notarized Boyfriends

This list could take months to accumulate. Not necessarily because of Draya’s slutty reputation but because there are so many false rumors and not enough evidence to back up her dating history. There was even reports that she had been with comedian Kevin Hart. But that rumor was only circulated after a pic of her at a night club together got out.  But this list can actually be confirmed so the number is odd. Of course we didn’t add Orlando because the two are still together and she might actually settle down this time with him.

    1. Draya Michele Chris BrownChris Brown. This one is no secret as Draya went live on Wendy Williams to explain her relationship with Chris Brown. It was probably one of the most talked about interviews on Wendy’s talk show as she blatantly called Draya a “slut” to her face.  It was a little rough but Draya seemed to be asking for it. She went over the fact that she dated three different ballers in two months.  Draya started dating Chris right after he was accused of beating the sh*t out of pop star Rihanna. But Rihanna’s voice is so annoying, she sings and talks as if she’s whining. How did he deal with it? Anyways she says Chris showed now signs of violent behavior towards her. They dated for nine months and although the headlines on ever y media outlet was attacking Brown she claims he never mentioned the Rihanna incident to her. A year later he began dating Karrueche Tran. It was alleged that Draya and Brown’s on again off again girlfriend had beef because Draya and Chris still kept in touch but apparently that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Karrueche posted a pic of herself wearing one of Draya’s bathing suits form her Mint Swimwear line.

    2. Fabolous. This one might catch a few people off guard. But Fab met Draya back in 2009 when she was getting her modeling career off the ground. They met on the set of his video “Money Goes, Honey Stays” video.  Two years later they worked together on another video for “Leaving You”.  She was an initial jump off but there are pictures circulating the two had been on several vacations together. She was dating Fab before she met Chris Brown. Draya even looks like Fab’s type. Look at his baby mother Emily Busante from Love & Hip Hop, Tahiry Jose and Kimbella, Juelz Santana’s baby mother, he slept with her too. It’s that light skinned big ass thing, whether it’s real or not.

    3. Gilbert Arenas is more than just an ex to Draya. He has an everlasting connection with her. He fathered her son Kniko. He’s eleven now. Draya was NOT in a relationship with Gilbert. Their relationship was purely sexual. She even met another one of her ex boyfriends through him, Javaris. He played with Gilbert on the Washington Wizards. Today Gilbert pays Draya $40K a month in child support for their son.
    4. draya-and-KenyonKenyan Martin. Martin currently plays for the ailing New York Knicks. The NBA star has had his list of high profiled women including Trina, Lil Kim and even Evelyn Lozado from Basketball Wives. Wow that’s just as ratchet as Draya.  The now 36 year old was prime real estate when he was drafted. He was earning over $16 million a year with the Denver Nuggets. He’s less valuable now with a one year contract with the Knicks that might end soon. He and Draya were dating before he began dating Trina.

    5. Javaris Crittenton is a former NBA player currently serving serious time in prison for a number of foul things including a murder of a mother of four. Javaris met Draya through his former teammate Gilber Arenas. But he officially started dating Draya when he was traded to the LA Lakers in 2008. This was at the start of Draya’s modeling career. Javaris at the time was alleged to have joined a street gang during his time with the Lakers. Oh LAWD!
    6. Meek Mill. So we go from Ballers to an up and coming rapper.  This was nothing more than rumors. Draya and Meek both denied they were dating until Draya made it clear through a twitter beef.  In 2013 one of Meek Mill’s former Jump offs named Britteny had sent Meek a tweet saying ‘Miss You.’ Well Draya saw the tweet and went off on the alleged jump off. Brittney even called Draya’s son an “orphan” and continued to make diggs at her parenting skills. OH GOD! Draya later deleted the tweets but it was evident that she had been dating Meek.


  • French Montana. Okay I want to make this clear this was just a rumor initially. The two were spotted at Club Play during Memorial Day weekend in 2013. She was also clubbing with A$AP Rocky and Rick Ross that night. But the pis of Draya and French were the ones to get circulated. But the rumors quickly grew when they were seen together at Summer Jam that same weekend and also during a Lobster dinner. The pics were all over the place. At the time she was dating rapper Meek Mill. But her relationship with French is nothing more than friendship she claims.
  • Draya Michele Deshawn StephensonDeshawn Stevenson. Another NBA player who she was dating right after Kenyon Martin. He’s no longer in the NBA after being dropped by the Atlanta Hawks in 2013. What’s so funny is that he also played for the Washington Wizards at some point in his career. Gilbert Arenas and Javaris also played for the Wizards and both had long relationships with her. So does that mean you just have to get traded to the Wizards and you in there like Mint Swimwear? LOL. But unfortunately all of the NBA players she’s dated ae no longer playing in the league except Kenyon Martin who might be out in 2014 like the rest of them. It seems to be a curse she puts on these poor men.


  1. Valencia says:

    Girl, keep your head up, and be the best you, you can be. But your man can’t be trusted. You are close to your right man, but not there yet. When he said he’s only 26, that said a lot. Read between the lines. It’s ok, not really your problem. Your man is coming. I know because you are growing. Be blessed.

  2. carol says:

    Draya !you are a Beautiful Lady,you are Classy. You have many Haters.because of your looks your your personality your Confidant attitude they do not possess, you have Positive things going on in your life,the Haters are Miserable & they want you to be Miserable,misery love Company,Jackie is not your Friend, she love Drama & fighting,she plans & Plots fhese EVENTS WITH THIS IN MIND. JACKIE IS CRAZY she play the innocent Role. SHE NEEDS HELP,stay away from her & her Disfunctional girls.stay Positive God Bless,