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Sundy Carter Biography, Net Worth and Wiki

sundy carterWe are now emerging into the third season of Basketball Wives LA, the spin off franchise of Basketball Wives which originally took place in Miami. The original series featuring Shaunie and Evelyn seemed to lose major ratings in it’s 5th season and unfortunately VH1 had to give it the plug. The ladies didn’t even get to have a reunion. But VH1 is hoping the LA cast will continue the franchise as Love & Hip Hop seems to be VH1’s hottest show. The show returns with it’s regulars Draya, Malaysia and Jackie but there is a few newcomers. Sundy Carter of all the girls might be the most interesting. She’s had the best career with over 20 years in the acting biz. Also Sundy was not a wife to an NBA player but a MISTRESS! OH LAWD! So who is this woman?

Sundy Carter was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972. Although her age isn’t public in a small interview she did following the release of State Property she stated she was then 21 in 2002.

Sundy began acting in her 20’s. She got her first movie role on Damon Dash’s film State Property and returned for the sequel. She worked with A listers in her brief movie career like Queen Latifah, Steve Martin and Kevin Hart in Soul Plane. She played a stripper in the outrageous comedy. She went on to do independent low budget films but began modeling in men’s magazines to pay the bills.

In 2007 Sundy Carter got pregnant by then Charlotte Bobcats player Larry Hughes. At the time Larry was married but he never claimed the child or admitted to having an affair with Sundy. In 2010 he flew to Los Angeles telling his wife he was going to Nelly’s album release party. He did show up on the red carpet but according to Bossip Larry was visiting Sundy and their three year daughter Kennedy Carter. If this ain’t dirty then I don’t know what is.

Sundy also has two other daughters Deja and KK Carter. Deja is her oldest, and currently works as a back up dancer for Disney star Zendaya Carter. She and the Disney star are best friends and hack each other twitter accounts. Sundy’s second daughter KK is trying to be a singer, she recently posted two covers on youtube. She’s a big Usher Fan.

In 2013 while Basketball Wives LA was in hiatus the producers asked the cast to scout some fersh faces for the series. Jackie Christie was close friends with Sundy and had known for since she began dating Larry Hughes. This season with the new cast members and all the drama she might be Jackie’s only friend and because of that she is constantly the target of many of the attacks. This season we can expect to see all her dirty laundry air dry on television.


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    Jackie is annoying

  2. Jo says:

    Jackie is a shit starter

  3. margaret elmore says:

    Yes jackey is…

  4. gail johnson says:

    Jackie needs to sit her old ass down and leave that drama to those young girls. all she is a shit starter. she needs to get her own family together. I wouldnot have any thing to do with her. all they are doing is showing how ignorant and stupid they are. and they call their selves “BASKETWIVES”, no wonder their husbands left them. Christie is tired of old ass Jackie. I have a friend for him.